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Delfgauw, July 2016 – After 30 years being the face of the brand Vacu Vin, and latterly International Innovation Company, Bernd Schneider has decided that it is time to pass on the baton to the next generation in the form of his son Patrick Schneider.

Since the establishment of International Innovation Company in 2009, Patrick has been at the head of this innovation factory. Together with Bernd, he’s brought the company to the next level by inventing television format The Best Idea of the Netherlands, and developing products for companies worldwide. He’s also introduced new brands, including the recently launched Tomorrow's Kitchen. In the seven years under his leadership he certainly was not inactive but now it's time to take the next step, said Patrick Schneider.

In recent years not only has the world changed, but also the organization, it is constantly changing in order to meet the demands of the future. When Patrick looks to the future it’s with positivity. His focus for the upcoming years is for the company and its activities to grow. To create new, and exciting employment opportunities for individuals who can experience barriers to the labor market.

Patrick’s various strategies have been consolidated in a new company called Dutch Creative Brands, a concept that clearly states its’ creativity and origin. DCB will be actively seeking other brands and / or companies to add to this concept, in order to conquer the world together.

Sitting still is no option for Bernd, how could it be! He will always remain associated with the company, but he has his focus on new initiatives. Of course he will enjoy his free time, but an entrepreneur’s blood strives to reach places it simply shouldn’t go.

Note for editors:
For more information regarding the business transfer or the activities from DCB, please contact Patricia Toet via publicrelations@iic.nl 

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