International Innovation Company

During its 30 years of business, International Innovation Company has always been one of the most innovative companies in the housewares industry. This family-owned company has been a trendsetting company since the introduction of its first innovation in 1986: the Vacuum Wine Saver, invented by the founder of the company Bernd Schneider. Today, the second generation of the family is taking the company to the next level by introducing several new initiatives. First of all, a new sales concept will be launched called ‘Dutch Creative Brands’ including new packaging designs for all existing products and secondly the addition of a new brand called ‘Tomorrow’s Kitchen’, the first step in creating an exciting brand portfolio.

International Innovation Company’s philosophy is to produce as much as possible within the borders of Europe and at the same time creating jobs for those who need some help in society. Today, over 150 mentally or physically disadvantaged people are involved in the production and assembly of almost every product distributed to over 85 countries in the world either through numerous distributors or our own offices.

Dutch Creative Brands

The new sales approach ‘Dutch Creative Brands’ has a clear focus on several core values of the company. International Innovation Company is a Dutch company with creativity being one of the key success factors in its 30 years of existence. The new approach is part of a repositioning of the existing Vacu Vin brand as the leading supplier of wine and bar accessories. The well-established Vacu Vin brand name will be used for a complete range of essential items that enable consumers and professionals to enjoy wine and cocktails. As a result of this new approach the total product assortment has grown over 30%! This allows the company to offer a complete range that suits the needs of every customer the company supplies. From high-level department stores to mass-market supermarkets and everything in between, the Vacu Vin brand is able to offer appropriate items that fit its customer’s retail strategies.

Besides the existing Vacu Vin brand, International Innovation Company has also launched a new brand calledTomorrow's Kitchen. This new brand will focus exclusively on innovative kitchen items that can be used during the preparation of foods, but also allow consumers to enjoy themselves at the dining table. The word ‘Tomorrow’ has a double meaning. It is expressing the innovative character of the products as well as the company’s social values in which high value is being given to our future responsibility to society.

Both brands belonging to the ‘Dutch Creative Brands’ concept have a constant stream of new innovations coming up. An in-house design team is constantly working on tomorrow’s gadgets with a focus on functionality and at the same time bringing a smile to the user’s face. Offering these unique innovations will always be the core focus of Dutch Creative Brands.

Idea Factory

International Innovation Company has its own prime time national television show generating thousands of ideas directly based upon consumer experiences. Not all ideas fit the Dutch Creative Brands positioning and distribution channels. Therefore, International Innovation Company is also fully capable of developing products for third parties by offering a complete package from the designing of the products to supplying products anywhere in the world. International Innovation Company can be best described as an idea factory that generates products instead of ideas. It is a one stop shopping experience for companies that want to be innovative in their business, without having to face the difficulties of setting up their own design department or outsourcing without the knowledge of how to set up production.

Social Responsibility

The core family values on social responsibility have been put to life in IIC’s production partner ‘Voor Elkaar’, which is also part of International Innovation Company. ‘Voor Elkaar’ is the Dutch translation of ‘For Each Other’ and also means ‘Accomplished’. As the name suggests, the focus of this company is to ‘accomplish’ the production and assembly of high-level quality products, and at the same time helping people that need help getting back into the working society. This way they can recover their self-esteem and be of great value, something we believe our society should do ‘For Each Other’! Production is not limited to affiliated companies but is also suitable for interested third parties from different lines of business.

The importance of social responsibility is not only bound to the Dutch society, as IIC is also the founder of the ‘Sharing Success Foundation’. This foundation guarantees that 100% of the donations received, from entrepreneurs willing to share their success, are being spent wisely in cooperation with the Liliane Foundation. Today, the foundation has helped over 50.000 disabled children and has realized many useful facilities in developing countries.