Product Development

International Innovation Company uses a new development model called: The Turbo. This development model represents a dynamic workflow that allows several departments to work on projects at the same time. By supplying the necessary information to each department, the right choices about the product development can be made in each phase of the process. For instance, by making logistics and design work on the same project at the same time, both departments can use this information on the product. This means that logistics will already know how many products will fit on a pallet for shipping, while design is still working on colour management. Meanwhile, the engineering department makes sure that the ideas are still technically feasible.

By co-operating with external designers the product development of International Innovation Company won’t be slowed down by a capacity bottleneck. This allows us to keep our Turbo running at all times and will keep our designers focussed on specific projects. This means that we can put our designers on products where they can fully use their creative potential. Not only does this enhance the quality of our products, it also increases the quantity of the products launched each year.

Combining Customer Service with Quality Control, enables International Innovation Company to improve their products when necessary. Customer suggestions are researched by R&D and implemented when valuable. Fine-tuning products can sometimes even result in new patents, which also gives International Innovation Company the upper hand in the constant struggle with illegal copies. Our prime example is the Wine Saver Concerto. By adding a “click” in the pump that alerts the user that the optimal vacuum has been reached we didn’t just improve this product, we could prolong the patent for another 20 years to stay ahead of the competition. To be innovative means International Innovation Company also has to be able to learn and improve.